Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be connected to the Internet to use the app?

Yes, the app must be connected to the Internet while in use since the app is basically just a way to interact with the ABAKadabra service running in the cloud. Running the service in the cloud, rather than just locally on the device, has the following advantages:

  • Centralize all data for the student as a single, consistent record.
    • (Convenient) Access the same data (reading or writing) from any device at any time. E.g. use your phone during a session, but use the larger screen of your computer while in your office.
    • (Collaborate) Easily share data with other instructors who also have an account since they are accessing the same data source in the cloud.
    • (Collaborate) Team up with other instructors during a session since the session state is streamed in real time to all connected devices.
    • (Security) Instantly remove access for people leaving your organization (e.g. firing an employee) while retaining all student data within the organization.
    • (Security) Retain all student data even if your device is lost or stolen.
  • Receive all of the latest updates automatically, instantly, and invisibly (sometimes may require you to press the refresh button on the browser).

Some of the disadvantages of running the service in the cloud include:

  • The app must be connected to the Internet while in use.
  • Monthly subscription fees (instead of one-time fee)

We believe that the advantages of running the service in the cloud, rather than just locally on a device, far outweigh the disadvantages of running the service in the cloud for organizations who prioritize operational simplicity, high standard of quality, and security throughout their organization.

Why do I have to pay a monthly subscription fee to use the app (instead of just paying a one-time fee)?

We view the app as an ongoing service provided to your organization, rather than a boxed product bought off of the shelf. Once you start your subscription, your monthly subscription fees for the core service go towards the following areas:

  • Cloud server costs - the actual servers and networking equipment running the ABAKadabra services.
  • Auxiliary services - payment processing, email service providers, etc.
  • Standard business operating expenses - legal, accounting, etc.
  • Customer service - making sure you get the most out of your service.
  • Monitoring and maintaining the service - making sure the service is always working in tip-top shape.
  • Ongoing improvements and innovation - making the service better for you.

Can I download the data for my student?

Yes, student data can be downloaded in two formats:

  • CSV (e.g. an Excel spreadsheet) - Useful for additional offline data processing and analysis.
  • PDF - Formatted report, usually with chart and table. Useful for uploading data into treatment plans or generally visualizing the data.

Is ABAKadabra just another practice management software?

No, ABAKadabra does not offer any kind of business operation functionality such as scheduling or billing systems. ABAKadabra focuses exclusively on improving your clinical experience with real clients.

Can I upload data from ABAKadabra into my existing practice management software?

Yes, as long as your practice management software allows you to upload files to your student's account. You can download the data from ABAKadabra (as either as CSV or a PDF) and then upload the file to your practice management software.