Real-time, data-driven ABA clinical platform

Build and continuously improve your student's applied behavior analysis (ABA) treatment program on a realtime, centralized, automated, content-packed clinical platform so powerful that your treatments will feel like magic!


Service Overview

for Program Administrators

Users: BCBAs, Administrators


  • Configure treatment programs for student

  • Analyze student progress

Always in sync

for Instructors

User: Teacher, RBT, BCBA


  • Select treatment program to stream trials to student device

  • Collect additional supplementary data during the session

for Students

User: Student

Function: Student completes presented trials on own device. Results are automatically, continuously saved safely and securely in centralized, encrypted cloud storage.


Multiple trial types

Trial types include match-to-sample, categorize, sort, and draw. Or program your own using the Lua scripting language!

Stimulus cards

Fully configure stimulus cards for each trial using hundreds of built-in images. Or upload your own images for each student!

Track behaviors

Manually track additional student behaviors or barriers to success.

Reinforcement schedules

Supports fixed ratio, variable ratio, fixed interval, and variable interval reinforcement schedule types.

Standard assessments

Compatible with most standardized assessments. Mix and match existing programs, or build your own from scratch!

Export data

Export data in standard CSV format to import into your favorite spreadsheet software or ABA practice management software.

Add-on Modules

NEW: Skill-Based Treatment

FTF Behavioral Consulting presents the Skill-Based Treatment add-on module, an easier way to perform skill-based treatment.

Ready to take your ABA treatment programs to the next level?