SBT Documentation

Skill-based treatment

Skill-based treatment (SBT) is a treatment package consisting of intermittent and unpredictable reinforcement of essential life skills. Using SBT, a trained instructor can systematically teach life skills of communication, tolerance for frustration, and a range of contextually appropriate behaviors (CABs) through repeated practice sessions using personalized contingencies identified in the Practical Functional Assessment (PFA) (i.e., Establishing Operation (EO) and Synthesized Reinforcement (SR)). ABAKadabra, in partnership with FTF Behavioral Consulting, provides a web app to assist in the implementation and data collection of the SBT process.

ABAkadabra's SBT Web App presentation and demonstration by Alexandra Beckwith of FTF Behavioral Consulting. Hosted by Anthony Cammilleri on Vimeo. Original blog post.

If you are just getting started with the skill-based treatment web app, you may want to first work through the tutorial section in which you will learn how to do the following actions:

  1. Create a new student
  2. Run skill-based treatment session with the student
  3. Download skill-based treatment result data
  4. Configure a skill-based treatment for the student
  5. Set the current skill-based treatment level for the student

If you already know how to use the skill-based-treatment web app, you can refer to the How-to Guides or the Reference materials.

NOTE: Before running a SBT session with a real student, please review the running a session with a real student guide for safety tips.

Also, don't forget to reach out and join the discussion on the #skill-based-treatment channel on the ABAKadabra slack workspace.