How to run session with a real student

Running a skill-based treatment session with a real student who exhibits severe problem behavior can be dangerous for a distracted instructor, especially during EO trials. For this reason, the suggested use of the app is to only interact with the app while the student is happy, relaxed, and engaged (HRE) during the SR stage, as described in the session procedure below.

Session procedure

  1. When ready to start the session, press the START SESSION button in the SBT SESSION view. This will start a session in the SR state and suggest the plan for the next EO trial.
  2. When ready to transition into the EO state, collect the data for the current SR and press the START EO button. This will start the EO state and display a view to collect data for the EO trial. HOWEVER, instead of collecting the data immediately, place the device out of the way (e.g. if a phone, place in your pocket), and focus your full attention on the student throughout the EO trial into the SR. Once the student is happy, relaxed, and engaged (HRE) in the SR, you may access your device and collect the information for the EO trial.
  3. Repeat step 2 as necessary throughout the session.
  4. Once the session is completed, press the END SESSION button to end the session.

Notes on the SBT session in the app

  • Data is saved whenever the SAVE AND CONTINUE button is pressed in the EO state. If you start the EO state (by pressing the START EO button in the SR view), but do not press the SAVE AND CONTINUE button in the EO state, then the data for the EO trial, including the SR data for that trial, will not be saved.
  • The session is running in the cloud, and your device is simply an interface to the session. Therefore, do not worry if your device goes to sleep, locks itself, etc. during the session, since the session will continue running in the cloud without your device, and no data will be lost.