How to set the location of a SBT session

After the student has mastered the CAB branches in a controlled environment, the treatment is typically extended to running the same CABs in a new location, or sometimes several successive locations. For this reason, it is useful to track the location of each SBT session.

As with other ABAKadabra sessions, a SBT session will record the current Active Location as the location for the session. To change the location of the next SBT session, update the Active Location as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Locations page for the student (Students > Student name > Locations).
  2. (Optional) Create a new location if the session location does not already exist in the list.
  3. Click the Set active button for the desired location. Then, in the pop up dialog, confirm SET ACTIVE for the location. The selected location should now display a checkmark in the Active? column.
  4. Run the SBT session as usual. The session will record the location at the location selected in step 3.